My face is my well,mine! And humanoid computers arent fat!

Funny title I know,but the voices are that insane! Seriously,they think crazy shit and pretend they are everyone around. Lately,I noticed they are noone but ignorant voices. Not even silly niggas on the side of the street lamp talking while I stroll past,are this childish. I mean damn. One voice is so fucking stupid,he thinks I got a face morpher app for a face. Like a fucking robotic woman with a tv for a face. Hoe retarded! And the other voice named Daryl Boo,is just plain gullable. He believes anything someone says. And he thinks he is God,while hating on Jesus. Crazy shit! He is so childish he barely can read or write or even act normal. His ass can't even spell or count right. And the demonoid voice,he just is a menance to al who hears him. He just is a retarded negro-sounding ape-fucking lunatic voice. He is the "big bad wolf" I hear.


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