My life

I started out kinda reliant on my parents for everything.  They were my rock.  Food, clothes, shelter.  I didn't have to work or anything.  It got to be a problem once I hit my late teens.  I didn't finish highschool, so I couldn't get a decent job.  And cause of my looks, I couldn't be famous or land a good career otherwise.  I was doomed.!  Depressed I decided to just keep living off my parents wages.  My dad was very old and worked past his retirement.  Mom was getting old too and almost age of retiring.  I was gonna have to live off their retirement wages. I didn't wanna be a burden.  So, when dad got sick and mom got second stage dementia and left for a nursing home, I decided to retire early at the age of 30. My mental illness was a blessing.  I tried hard to get accepted for disability and early retirement, so I could live off my own wages from SSI.  It worked!  I am thrilled.  It's the good side of being able to hear voices.  The bad side is I have to live in public housing or cheap apartments all my life until I marry.  And I gotta use Obamacare and foodstamps.  But I know I am not alone.  Mparents raised me on minimum wages and SSI money.  That's how we kept going so long. I am happy that now I am not a burden or a third-wheel anymore.  I am on my own now.  I get more money than my mom did back then. And I take care of myself with my own money.  I am a disabled adult.  I can take care of myself!


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