Why I hear voices: part 3

This time I thought I'd write about what I hear. My voices claim to know me and even see and smell,and taste everything I do! It makes me VERY uncomfortable. Like I am being stalked! I can't do what I want without them blending in.  Before my life was perfectly normal or so I remember. I heard no voices but my own thoughts and my own voice. My mind was open. Free. Quiet. Now I hear voices inside and out my head. They say stupid stuff and even hate on Jesus Christ! They call me "fat boy moving zero" and "it". Other times I am loved as "lil Trin Trin" cause they think I am a cute little girl version of myself in pics they claim to be able to "see". By see I mean right thru me. If I see it,they see it. Sometimes they go on about when I was younger,how cute I was. Blah blah....
It's bullshit. And they keep showing me visions and hullucenations.  It's like the they want me in their little fantasy world. If this is how Satan operates he is mentally unstable. If this is a ghost,I wish it would leave. Something did enter my body too. I felt it. LLike a angelic spirit.  Maybe it was my own spirit trying to leave. I heard voices out loud too in my room. My mom heard it too. It said "there is not enough room for the two of us I am leaving." It sounded like Michael Jackson or Rihanna when she talks. Funny the voice never approached my mom or me beforehand. I dont know what I did to conjure Michael Jackson,but I did ask for his soul. Out of love. I loved him dearly. I still do. But lately,I just avoid staring at his photos and even playing all his music often. I am just tired of MJ.  These voices sound like him and his brother Jermaine. Why? IDK. I am spooked by it. Since 2009,I  have heard them. They say stupid shit. Like calling my mom "old woman moving". IInstead of her name. And saying fat boys are ugly and I look like one.
And the voice that says he is "Daryl Boo in the room" sounds like Michael. The other voice that sounds like Jermaine or one of his brothers,is just calling himself "the devil".Thats all. Nothing else. All though once he said he was my father Woodrow. But he made fun of him too. Calling him "negro Wilson Johnson". His name is Woodrow Wilson Johnson and yes he is negro. He also called my dad "Woody Woodpecker peck me". He even said his son was "Christopher Lee Clements" the actor and that he was the real "Freedom Williams. " Why? Cause growing up I liked Feedom and C&C Music Factory. Whatever the case,these voices prey on me and my past and my present. I hear the "devil" swallowing and gulping and hissing in my left ear since he been around too. It started after I wore good headphones from a company called Section 8. They made headphones for MJ and even Elvis fans. I had some earbuds from them. Well the "devil" voice hated the sound and said he was gonna "make sounds insane" in my left ear. That he lived in "section 8 housing". That crap. See he switches things around in a weird way! He had the nerve to say he wants to "ear my eardrum" out of my left ear. And he loves "sounds insane". Funny cause I was wearing those earbuds in both ears. And Section 8's moto was of course "sounds insane!". IDK why he says he wants to eat eardrum. And gives me retarded visions of myself while hissing and breathing in my left ear. It's nasty and annoying. Lately I put on headphones that are larger to blog him.
Lastly,there is the "Daryl Boo" voice. He loves to stick me with pins and have his way. I literally feel pins in my hands and feet and other body areas. I told nurses and shrinks,and they put me on gabbapentin. They claim it's nerve damage. But what I hear is "Daryl Boo" teasing and talking while pinching me with something pointy. I heard a story of Michael using a butterfly needle to give himself injections of drugs. IDK how true that is. But often a doctor has used one to take my blood. And "Daryl Boo" claims he  "needs my blood to live". That's what that voice said many times to me. All in all these voices are just plain odd. I cant figure them out. They can hurt me and even scare me! I havent even told you all the visions and strange oddities around me since they showed up.


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