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Remembering my mom!

My voices are telling me things about her like they are angels or demons.
And it's hard to deal with.  Mom is dying and although alive,I have made her memorial early.
I will edit it later.
It's been almost three years since I have her at the hospice. I have been avoiding her,cause I feel like I failed her.
I dont have the grandkids she wanted or have I finished school yet.
But I am trying?
I am!
And I put on weight instead of loosing.
Also,this is as far I got in life. Living at Tender Mercies on my own earned disability funds.
She was too. Living the same. I guess it's better than nothing?
Good thing is I got to see mom before dying. I will see her again on Sunday unless she passes.
I will take a cab out there this time.
I also may have to buy her headstone for around hundred dollars.
Hopefully,I will have enough funds.
I will truly miss her. All the good times. All the love. Good bye mom. See you in heaven someday! <3