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My life at Tender Mercies Inc!

What is Tender Mercies Inc? It is a place for the mentally handicap. Homeless adults with a history of mental and social illness. It is located in Cincinnati,Ohio. It houses over 200 people in the downtown Cincinnati area. I have been there for over three years now. And it's been rough but a journey into myself ,and into my future!

Since I been here it hasn't been so pleasant. The food is served by a group of volunteers in a potluck-style setting. And often we have the same food on repeat bi-monthly.
The toilets and showers are old and need repair. In fact often they are filled with toilet paper and stains and all kinda of crap. The janitors here do a good job but they love to extort a person behind their backs. I have a bad habit of pooping on the seat of the toilets when I pee. I just fart and bam! I've tried to help it but it's an annoyance to others here now. So much so I get called names by staff and other residents who haven't matured in the mind enough.