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My life at Tender Mercies Inc (part 2)

It's been almost 5 years since I been here at Tender Mercies Inc. Since being here,all I get now is drama! Drama from residents and surrounding negro people in the area,who dwell outdoors all hours just to see if I am gonna "come out and kill or kick their asses". I refuse to do any of it.  I got people talking about I smell like Haywood Dixon the RSW. I got women like Yvonne Thompson,Ludell Ruffin,and Paula in room 212,who instigate in my life to others and to God. Men like Lewis Fisher and others at Harkavey Hall,Haven,and Dana love to instigate and get in my online life. It's terrible. Sometimes I wish I hadn't seen the ad for this place back in 2013 at the Dropp Inn,when I was homeless. I just had a feeling it be a nice place for a few years. It has been,but now I need to get myself up and get my own place and get a better life. Even if I have to go back to a group home,I hope to find a nice place to go. I wanted to get me a furnished apartment for $450 to $…