Is it a ghost of jealousy?! :O Spiritual attachment with Michael Jackson!

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Lord I hope he doesn't send me to hell for all this,but I am scared.
I HAVE SPIRIT ATTACHMENT not mental illness!
I conjured up a spirit of a MJ fan or an impersonator/double.
Maybe even the real Michael? :o
The voices are threatening me a lot lately and causing me pins and needles effects that others don't have!

Like this...

Daryl: "Shut up Trin before I hurt you!"

*Feels pins and needles pricking my skin*

Yeah,I think I have a ghost or really bad disorder. But what? Schizo-effective Disorder is this bad?
Once I saw a image of a bug and freaked out! It looked real. Like it was there.
I was told to not play or fuck around with MJ in my head. *Cries* But he is so cool! :(
I looked up my symptoms,and true indeed I have a ghost and some telepathic bond with said ghost.
(ohh trippy!)
I read this article on spirits:
And this one:
I swear the later is funny punch line. :D


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