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My MJ blog!

Just a little update. I want to mention my other blog that is here.
It's a believer's blog. For those who believe he is alive!

Michael isn't himself anymore in my head or irl!

Well,first I mean in my head he isn't the same anymore. He's taken on the role of Maestro now,and that's trouble. Before he was just Daryl Boo. Michael from the BAD era blending in with the present and learning how to be a "good boy" or good spirit. Well,he has become corrupt from Jesus and from me. He listens to my evil side and to Satan in my head all the time now. Infact,I think Satan or my evil side came out to play because of Daryl/Michael! Whatever the case,I'm not happy. I'm boarderline suicidal. I want to take a bunch of pills and just go to sleep forever! I just don't think I can take this sadness. Daryl broke my heart when he started listening and getting in my personal drama with Satan telling him about my life or what he thought about my looks. This made me un-trust him completely. I don't like Satan or evil people who make fun of me and get in my drama. I hate these kinds of people! They are distasteful. I just get annoyed by them. Da…